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In the heart of Victoria Island, the Blowfish introduces the world to you. A showcase of forward thinking and bold design. One of the decidedly modern hotels in Lagos. Though deceptively minimal, the interior is anything but cheap.

Conveniently located in the heart of Victoria Island, is is justa few steps from everything. Whether you are in the mood to shop or just stroll through the lively neighborhood, everything is within easy reach.

Constantly changing, endlessly fascinating, the lobby vibe is orchestrated to make full use of the dramatic public spaces of The Blowfish Hotel, fuly synced with the rhythm of the moment.

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I like The Blowfish Hotel. It is a fun-filled arena with aesthetic sights, cool swimming pool and above all, intriguing continental dishes that makes one ask for more.
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Rooms are between average and very good, depending on their size. Meals are excellent. The location is also easy to reach. It is quite a secure place also.
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It was absolutely amazing. I particularly loved the interior and the food was exquisite. I would highly recommend The Blowfish Hotel to anyone any day.
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Small boutique hotel, very popular with long stay foreign business people, makes for a very cosy atmosphere. On Sundays, local residents come and enjoy the pool.
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